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Event Date:
Start at 6:00 AM
July 2, 2023


Today, we pause to extend our deepest gratitude to this remarkable organization and all those who contribute to its mission of service and support. Through your unwavering dedication and tireless efforts, you have touched countless lives and made a profound difference in our community.

To the incredible team at Jesian Sure CIC,

Thank you for the warmth and kindness you extend to every person who walks through your doors. In a world that can often feel cold and indifferent, your organization serves as a beacon of light, offering solace and support to those who are struggling. Your ability to create a sense of belonging and community is a testament to your dedication and compassion.

Thank you for the countless lives you have touched and the countless hearts you have lifted. Your impact extends far beyond the individuals you directly serve, touching the lives of families, communities, and future generations. Your legacy of compassion and service will continue to inspire and uplift long after you have gone. In a world that often feels divided and disconnected, Jesian Sure CIC stands

Thank You Day

To the exceptional participants of Jesian Sure CIC

Thank you for the bonds of friendship and solidarity that unite us as a community. In times of celebration and sorrow, triumph and tribulation, we stand together as a formidable force, bound by our shared values and collective vision for a brighter future. Your compassion, empathy, and unwavering support have created a safe and inclusive space where all are welcome and valued for who they are.

In recognition of your outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you. You are not just participants of Jesian Sure CIC; you are the heart and soul of our organization, the driving force behind our success, and the embodiment of our shared values and principles.

To our esteemed donors

As we reflect on the journey of Jesian Sure CIC, we are filled with deep gratitude for the invaluable role you have played in our success. Your unwavering commitment to our cause, coupled with your generous support, has been the cornerstone upon which our organization has flourished and grown. Your belief in our mission has given us the resources and confidence to push boundaries, break barriers, and effect positive change in our communities.

Thank you for your vision and foresight in recognizing the potential for positive change and transformation within our organization. Your willingness to invest in our mission, programs, and initiatives has enabled us to innovate, adapt, and evolve to meet the evolving needs of our communities. Together, we are not just donors and recipients; we are allies and advocates, united in our shared commitment to creating a better world for future generations.