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Event Date:
Start at 12:00 PM
November 28, 2023

TThe purpose of the survey was to gain information about our services here at Jesian Sure CIC. We wanted to know how well our care, coupled with exercises using resistance bands have improved the lives of our participants.

In an interview with our oldest participant (Alfred Wallace), when asked what he would miss the most about the sessions he mentioned how much he had enjoyed the exercises and the kind gestures he had experienced here at Jesian Sure CIC. In his own words “you are kind and you are very nice and helpful to me and the other people here, I enjoyed the friendship shared here – this is really good.”


An interview with Abigail who is also a participant, (Q = Question, R = Response)

Q: Tell us all you can about your experience so far!

R: Since about 8 weeks I started, these exercises have really helped me. Things I couldn’t do before I find myself doing them now with ease, I sleep better whenever I do these exercises. My health in general have really improved and I would be really grateful if this doesn’t stop. It sure would reduce my chances of going to the hospital – she said.

Another participant mentioned the patience of the instructors. In her own words she said “they have the patience to go the extra mile with us, you know when you are aged you tend to not follow instructions that we’ll at times …but they are always patient and willing to redirect us”.

Veronica, a participant who also participated for 8 weeks said she benefited from the exercises so much stating that she can now put her hand behind her back and do things that she couldn’t do. She also mentioned that her health and diet had improved.

Jean, who was also a participant gave a before and after testimony

Before: pain in arm, hand, wrist, pelvic and waist area.

After: Pain in arm, hand has reduced.

          Pelvic and waist area pain has ceased.

He also mentioned how he enjoyed getting to meet with other people and socializing with them.

An interview with Noela who is also a participant, (Q = Question, R = Response)

Q: What does these exercise sessions mean to you?

R: Exercise is good, it improves my wellbeing and makes me stronger.

Another question asked was what she would miss most with the sessions coming to an end. She stated that during the sessions she was taught how to exercise with resistance band and mention it has really been effective being that she had learnt different type of exercises and how to perform them better.

She also mentioned that getting together with other people has also helped her and she was going to miss that too.