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Our Coronation Party Celebration

Event Date:
Start at 9:00 AM
May 15, 2023
Russell Court
TThe coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla was a much – anticipated event in the UK and with it came an extra national holiday, so we were keen to jump on the band wagon to join in with other communities to make it a fun and entertaining event for our participants. Celebrating in style, Jesian Sure CIC invited families, friends, volunteers and our community neighbours. The residents did a scrumptious and healthy nutrition-dense homemade coronation cake that was ‘fitting for our king Charles’; was what one of our guest – Sharon said.

Most of the residents at our sheltered housing units shop at Asda. The local supermarket that has a strong heritage of helping communities and improving wellbeing – so we took advantage of their provision.

Coronation Party

Zena Ballard – Our Old Kent Road Asda Community Champion gave us the raffle 1st prize donation (won by Tracy) and other party savory sensation we all enjoyed.

Well, that made us feel really valued – so thanks once again to our local Asda store!